Vernier caliper

vernier caliper


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What is a vernier caliper?

French mathematician Pierre Vernier invented the vernier scale in 1631. Vernier calipers are a precision measuring instrument used to make accurate measurements of the length, diameter, or thickness of objects.

They consist of two main parts:-

1. Main Scale:-

The main scale is a graduated, fixed scale with markings in millimeters or inches. It is attached to the caliper's frame.

2. Vernier Scale:-

The vernier scale is a sliding scale that moves relative to the main scale. It contains finer divisions and is used to measure the small increments between the markings on the main scale.

Here's how you can use Vernier calipers:-

1. Close the jaws:-

First, close the jaws of the calipers so that they gently grip the object you want to measure.

2. Read the main scale:-

Check the position of the main scale to the left of the zero on the vernier scale. This gives you the main part of the measurement.

3. Read the vernier scale:-

Look for the line on the vernier scale that lines up with a line on the main scale. The number on the vernier scale at this point gives you the fractional part of the measurement.

4. Add the main and vernier scale readings:-

Combine the main scale reading and the vernier scale reading to obtain the final measurement.

Vernier calipers provide high precision, typically allowing you to measure to within 0.02 mm or 0.001 inches, depending on the instrument's design. They are commonly used in fields like engineering, machining, and science for accurate measurements of objects.

Digital vernier caliper:-

A digital vernier caliper is a precision measuring instrument used in the field of elevator and escalator for accurate measurement of roller, bearing, rope diameter, gap between two parts, etc. This device provide a digital readout, enhancing precision and ease of use compared to traditional vernier calipers. Key components include the " jaw" which contact the object being measured, and the scale of "digital display" that indicate the measurement. the "zero" button allow for recalibration, ensuring accurate readings. The caliper enable measurements of dimensions critical in elevator and escalator components.