Elevator technician mcq quiz part - 1


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lift quiz
lift quiz

Are you elevator technician check your knowledge with this quiz ( Elevator technician part -1 )

1. What is the primary function of an elevator technician?

A) Building design and construction

B) Elevator maintenance and repair

C) Interior design and decoration

D) Building security management

2. Which component is responsible for moving the elevator car up and down within the shaft?

A) Counterweight

B) Control panel

C) Door interlock

D) Elevator operator

3. What type of elevator is specifically designed for the transportation of goods and heavy materials?

A) Scenic elevator

B) Passenger elevator

C) Freight elevator

D) Dumbwaiter

4. In a traction elevator, what role does the counterweight play?

A) Balancing the load

B) Operating the controls

C) Providing lighting

D) Controlling the doors

5. Which safety mechanism is designed to prevent the elevator from falling in the event of a malfunction?

A) Emergency stop button

B) Overload sensor

C) Governor and safety gear

D) Intercom system

6. What type of elevator is often found in hospitals and healthcare facilities for transporting patients on stretchers or beds?

A) Observation elevator

B) Residential elevator

C) Hospital bed elevator

D) Scenic elevator

7. What is the primary purpose of an elevator's machine room?

A) Housing the elevator's passengers

B) Storing cleaning supplies

C) Containing the elevator's machinery

D) Providing a waiting area for passengers

8. Which elevator type is known for its energy-efficient operation and is often used in low- to mid-rise buildings?

A) Hydraulic elevator

B) Pneumatic vacuum elevator

C) Double-deck elevator

D) Smart elevator

9. What does MRL stand for in the context of elevator technology?

A) Machine Room-Less

B) Maximum Rise Length

C) Minimal Rope Load

D) Multi-Residential Lift

10. What is the purpose of a "smart elevator" in modern buildings?

A) To provide scenic views

B) To move horizontally between shafts

C) To enhance energy efficiency

D) To transport heavy goods


1. B) Elevator maintenance and repair

2. A) Counterweight

3. C) Freight elevator

4. A) Balancing the load

5. C) Governor and safety gear

6. C) Hospital bed elevator

7. C) Containing the elevator's machinery

8. A) Hydraulic elevator

9. A) Machine Room-Less

10. C) To enhance energy

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